Commercial Electrician in Irvine

Without electricity, it's next to impossible to run a business. Power outages and electrical problems can wreak havoc on a commercial endeavor, so if you are a business owner you need a trusted company that can lend a hand when you're in need. Netpower Inc. is available to provide experienced, professional help for business owners in Irvine to ensure your business can continue without lengthy power and equipment disruptions.

Electrical Services for Your Business

When you need electrical service and repairs, only a trained and certified commercial electrician should be used, and a Netpower Inc. commercial electrician has the training, experience, and expertise necessary to help you. Get in touch with us when you need:

New Construction & Remodeling

The best way to ensure you have reliable electrical service is to have it done right in the first place. When you have a construction or remodeling project to be done, you’ll do well to ensure you hire a fully trained and licensed commercial electrician to ensure all of your commercial power needs are met. When your power is hooked up properly and within legal guidelines, the workplace becomes much safer and more efficient, and your equipment will operate more reliably.

Lighting Installation

Lighting is one of the largest sources of commercial electrical use, and you need to ensure your business has the lighting necessary to enable workplace efficiency, safety, and security. When you hire a trained and professional commercial electrician, he or she will give you a well-lit workplace using the most energy-efficient lighting; to save money on energy costs while giving you the best possible lighting.

Backup Power Generators

Your business could lose its power at any time, due to causes beyond your control. It might be a car accident knocking out a transformer, a bad storm, local construction activity, or some other cause that shuts down your power. When that happens, you need reliable backup power – immediately. Otherwise, work production stops, and any perishable goods are endangered. Netpower Inc. can help the commercial businesses of Irvine to ensure they have power to continue production, even when your neighbors have no power.

Avoid Electrical Hazards and call Netpower Inc. today!

Shoddy electrical outlets, wiring, junction boxes, and other electrical equipment are unreliable and downright dangerous. Electrical fires are one of the top causes of commercial industry losses in Irvine, and workplace injuries involving electrical shock can be downright deadly. To ensure workplace safety and reliable electrical service, a Netpower Inc. commercial electrician can inspect your electrical systems, maintain them, and perform any needed repairs.

During out inspection, we will meticulously check every square inch of your electrical system to ensure everything is in good working condition. If we find inconsistencies, we can recommend a course of action, as well as the anticipated costs of any repairs.

The next time you need a commercial electrical work done in your Irvine business, a Netpower Inc. commercial electrician can ensure your workplace electrical work is done properly and ensure your service is as safe, efficient, and reliable as possible.

Commercial Electrical Inspections in Irvine

When it comes to your business, quality is everything and that means you can’t just hire anyone for your electrical needs. Netpower Inc. provides Irvine with specialized electrical services. We are licensed, bonded and insured which means we have been professionally trained in all areas and will be able to find solutions to even the most complicated electrical issues. Whether you need us for retrofitting or electrical re-paneling and installation, we’re the team for you.

Your business is your livelihood so regular maintenance is necessary, and if you want to ensure your building is in safe condition, an electrical inspection is the answer. Allow us to investigate your workplace and make sure there are no faulty lines, wires or fire hazards anywhere.

New Appliances and Old Wiring in Irvine

If your company prides itself on innovation, you’ll likely be one of the first to jump on the bandwagon of techie appliances. Not solely because you are looking to experiment with new devices or desperately need that espresso machine, but partly because your career relies on being ahead of the crowd and on top of the trends.

Netpower Inc. completely understands your need to power up. Our team also makes it a priority to keep up with the latest technology, equipment and machinery. However, we work independently and since we are electrical contractors, it is safe to say that we know a thing or two about wiring systems. For instance, did you know that most corporate Irvine buildings have not been properly retrofitted or updated in years? Therefore, an electrical inspection is necessary before you make any major appliance purchases for your business. Implementing new machinery in an outdated outlet could not only pose a threat to your safety but also destroy that new costly purchase!

Hire Us for Your Commercial Re-Wiring Needs

The majority of today’s gadgetry relies on heavy-duty power sourcing and the wiring in older buildings is just not made for that kind of circuitry power. This instantly creates a serious fire hazard, because your electrical panel will likely overload, overheat and create friction.

When you hire Netpower Inc. as your go-to electrical providers, our dedicated crew will assess your building and make sure it is in good enough condition to power any new equipment. If you are in the restaurant business, you’ll want to be extra vigilant. Think about it—if your electrical panels are not updated, you’ll notice that your kitchen appliances are not working at full speed or power, which will affect work productivity and your reputation in Irvine. It is also quite dangerous because one faulty wire can cause a major kitchen fire.

Signs You Need a Commercial Electrical Inspection

Not sure if your Irvine workplace is in need of a retrofit, inspection or complete wiring overhaul? Here are a few signs Netpower Inc. has compiled that might help:

  • You work in a building that is more than 20 years old.
  • You have upgraded to newer appliances: computers, dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, coffee machines, smart board, vacuum, etc., and more.
  • You are unable to use two appliances at once, without the power shutting off.
  • Your appliances or wires regularly overheat.